Wide Dynamics Range provides great detail in color and contrast in difficult lighting situations such as a hallway with an outside door. The hallway may be much darker when the door is close compared to when the door is open.

Obtain high quality video surveillance across a range of lighting situations

In many scenes, illumination can vary quite a bit. The Wide Dynamic Range feature of the Illustra Flex cameras minimizes the effects changing light has on surveillance.

Let Illustra Flex eliminate shadows and backlighting , and get your security system to show you what really matters.

How does WDR help?

Wide Dynamic Range improves surveillance images in scenes with varying illumination. When WDR is off, the picture above is dark and the features of the man are hidden by shadows due to the back lighting of the scene. When WDR is on, the lighting variation is minimized and the result is an image suitable for surveillance.

Tackle tricky lighting

The WDR feature of the Illustra Flex cameras allows the cameras to obtain useable video surveillance in any number of lighting situations. From a loading dock backlit by the sun, to a hotel lobby with large glass windows, the Illustra Flex cameras can still capture video surveillance for any security need.

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  • Prerequesite software for v2.1.4 (4/6/2017)
  • PLEASE NOTE: If the camera you are upgrading is currently on v1.0.3 firmware or below, it will be necessary to first upgrade with the v2.0.0.411 firmware before installing v2.1.4 firmware. Please review further details in the release notes. (4/6/2017)

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