The Challenge

While performance is a requirement, budgets can be strict which calls for flexibility. Also, business continuity relies on fast and efficient support when errors occur.

The Solution

End-to-End Solution

Illustra cameras are just one piece of the Tyco product portfolio which includes network video recorders, video management systems, access control, and more. The solutions are deeply integrated to make bulk licensing and updates a breeze across a variety of sleek form factors. The range of features available is only enhanced by what the other leading Tyco brands bring to the commercial solution.


On the topic of business as usual, protecting the network against cyber-attacks is inherent in the design, development, and deployment of Illustra cameras as part of the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program. Whether you need to assign multiple user roles, download a system audit report, or access a holistic security overview page, our cameras ensure your security infrastructure is cyber resilient.

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