Achieving more from your VideoEdge NVRs

Stuart Bettle, Video Product Marketing Manager EMEA for Tyco, the security products division of Johnson Controls, showcases the new Tyco Analytics and Transcoder appliances.

The massive processing power built into VideoEdge NVRs means that users can take advantage of a long list of practical features which add greatly to the effectiveness of a video surveillance system. Uniquely, these include a wide range of analytics which are integrated with Tyco’s victor video management software to help businesses improve productivity, as well as assist security personnel to respond quickly and effectively to any events.

Built-in intelligence also allows VideoEdge NVR users to receive multiple video streams for live, recorded, alarm and meta-data collection, all tailored to viewing conditions.

Although VideoEdge NVRs utilise a customised version of SUSE Linux installed as a Just enough Operating System (JeOS) to always deliver the best possible performance, some additional processing power may occasionally be needed to ensure an end-user can achieve maximum benefit from their video surveillance solution.

The Tyco Analytics appliance for when more video intelligence is required
Operating on a space saving, small-form Intel NUC platform, the Tyco Analytics appliance supports VideoEdge NVRs by providing the addition of 4 Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) channels or up to 16 channels of video intelligence, such as perimeter protection, object detection, queue management, crowd formation or dwell detection.

The Tyco Analytics add-on appliance can be used for its prime purpose of providing additional LPR or analytics channels, or simply to reduce the CPU workload of a VideoEdge NVR so that it performs even better in terms of its recording capabilities when there is a need, for example, to add more cameras to the system.

The Tyco Analytics appliance can also be used in support of exacqVision recording solutions, thereby providing exacqVision users with the opportunity to benefit from same video analytics available with the VideoEdge NVRs.

The Tyco Transcoder appliance for when best use of available bandwidth is required
The Tyco Transcoding appliance adds 14 additional transcoding channels to those already available on VideoEdge NVRs, each of which dynamically manipulates the properties of video streams in order to better manage network bandwidth and resources. This smart method of streaming video ensures that network bandwidth is not used unnecessarily when, for example, 5 megapixel images from 4 cameras are simultaneously streamed to a control room, but are then displayed on a 2 megapixel monitor. Transcoding will ensure that resolution streamed from the 4 cameras will match the capability of the monitor.

Also operating on a small-form from factor platform, the Tyco Transcoder can be added to an individual VideoEdge NVR or a group which automatically share its resources as required.

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