Not All Integrations Are Equal

With an abundance of Access Control and video surveillance solutions on the market, choosing the ideal combination for specific applications can be a daunting and time-consuming task for consultants, system integrators and end-users.

Even within defined market sectors, no two businesses are likely to have the same operational and security requirements. What is not likely to differ is a user’s expectations that the individual component parts of an electronic security system should work in harmony to form a complete security solution.

True Integration

In theory, it should not be a difficult challenge to integrate products from a number of different manufacturers, provided that the systems integrator has the required level of expertise and that supporting protocols or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available.

However, true Integration is only achieved when there is the ability to bi-directionally share data and control multiple products or systems from each of their respective front-end interfaces and this may not always be sustainable over a long period of time. A simple firmware or software upgrade of one element of a system, such as an Access Control door controller or a recording device, could disrupt the effectiveness of an entire security solution.

For any business, this could prove to be an extremely frustrating experience, but particularly so for mission critical applications where health & safety and other compliance issues need to be monitored and managed 24/7.

True integration requires the separate products and systems provided by third-party manufacturers to be both backward and forward compatible.

Tyco, the security brand of Johnson Controls, appreciates that it is essential for its products to be future- proofed to ensure system integrators are able to deliver truly integrated Access Control, intrusion and video surveillance solutions which maximise safety, improve efficiency and ensure business continuity. This is why whenever the Tyco roadmap includes the intention to upgrade an existing product or software, new protocols are always introduced in good time to ensure continuous interaction with other Tyco branded products.

Complete Security Solution with Illustra, Exacq and Kantech

Thephrase‘thewholeisgreaterthanthesumofitsparts’ hasneverbeenmoretrueinrespectofIllustra, Exacq and Kantech. These three formidable, well-respected security brands are all owned by Tyco. This helps ensure that, in addition to being forward compatible whenever any enhancements, new technologies or integrations are introduced, users have the choice of managing the extensive functionality of products from any of the three brands, via either the exacqVision or Kantech platforms.

Illustra Cameras

The starting point for designing an integrated security system is quite often the selection of the types of cameras needed to ensure security personnel are able to quickly take appropriate action when there is a developing emergency incident or when they are monitoring suspicious activity.

For high security applications, system designers may wish to take a close look at the latest generation of high definition Illustra Pro Mini-Domes. These feature Smart Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology which greatly improves the quality of images captured in varying lighting environments. They also benefit from Illustra® IntelliZip bandwidth management, network failover redundancy and Video Intelligence Analytics. Bullet camera variants of the Illustra Pro series, with long distance IR capability and enhanced telephoto lens, offer a practical alternative option

Companies who are looking to deploy a large number of cameras at multiple locations may have a limited budget to do so and yet they may not be prepared to compromise on image quality or camera functionality.Wewouldencouragesystemdesignerstoconsiderspecifying acameraordomewithPTZ functionality from the Illustra Flex range. Collectively, these cameras provide an affordable solution for virtually any video surveillance application where there is a requirement to cover wide areas in varying environmental and light conditions.

exacqVision Video Management Software

End-user operational requirements change, businesses expand and new threats emerge. It is crucial that Video Management Software (VMS), which is more often than not placed at the heart of an integrated electronic security solution, is regularly updated.

With such a wide choice of feature rich VMS solutions to choose from, it is easy to be mesmerised by manufacturers claiming their platform is the best in terms of current functionality and user friendliness. However, at the top of the list of priorities when deciding who to source a VMS from should be evidence that the manufacturer is seeking continual improvement in its platform and crucially that they introduce any new features with forward compatibility in mind.

Like clockwork, an upgrade of the exacqVision VMS is released every quarter but, most importantly, any new or improved features included in each release is designed to ensure continued bi-directional interaction between exacqVision and an existing Kantech Access Control system.

There is a wide range of exacqVision recording solutions to choose from, including NVRs which have been pre-loaded with Kantech EntraPass software in order to help system integrators provide their end-user clients with a seamless and truly integrated security solution.

Kantech Access Control

A combined Illustra camera, Kantech Access Control and exacqVision NVR solution allows users to visually verify events and view logs of who has entered a building or accessed a restricted area.

The capabilities of the latest generation of Kantech Access Control has reached a level which would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Now available through Tyco’s proactive distribution channel, Kantech offers a scalable solutions range from a standalone single door application to a global sized solution, whilst EntraPass software combined with powerful Kantech door controllers provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise level applications.

With high level end-to-end encryption, multi-interface and smart readers which offer enhanced features and reduce the cabling normally need to be connected to door controllers, Kantech provides scalable and easy to install Access Control which can fully interact with Illustra cameras via an exacqVision NVR. This means operators are able to search, download and archive video captured by the Illustra cameras on either the exacqVision or Kantech front-end user display.

Tyco DSC Intrusion

System designers may also wish to consider adding a Tyco DSC intrusion system to an Illustra, exacq and Kantech integrated solution.

The EN Grade 3-compliant Tyco DSC PowerSeries Pro intrusion security alarm system provides a feature- rich intrusion detection solution for commercial properties of any size, from small shops to large office buildings, factories, healthcare facilities and educational campuses. All the communication, whether internal between the system components or external with the monitoring center, is cyber secure, meeting the highest standards with AES-128 bit encryption.

Being part of a truly integrated security solution means that operators are able to view any alarms generated by the Tyco DSC PowerSeries Pro on either the exacqVision or Kantech front-end user display,

Johnson Controls, Cyber Solutions Product Security Program

Illustra, Exacq, DSC and Kantech products are protected by the Tyco Cyber Protection Product Security Program, one of the industry’s first to offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity for physical security products. Whilst no manufacturer can offer 100% guarantee, the Program is intended to give installers, systems integrators and end-users the confidence that the possibility of vulnerabilities in Tyco branded digital security products and solutions has been minimised.

The program takes on-board feedback from IT, security professional and cybersecurity experts in order to combine best practice during the product development, testing and evaluation process, as well as configuration guidelines for compliance in order to protect our physical security products from attack, damage, disruption, unauthorised access or misuse.

For further information on how combine Illustra cameras, exacqVision VMS and Kantech Access Control within a completely integrated security solution, email:

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