The Challenge

Card copying, assault, and skimming at ATMs as well as malicious cybercrime are among the most concerning threats to banking institutions. Beyond that, abandoned objects can further both physical and online attacks in unsuspecting and incredibly harmful ways.

The Solution

Smart Features

Smart features from Illustra help mitigate these threats. Whether you need the 360° field of view standard in fisheye cameras or onboard Video Intelligence Analytics to automate alarms like perimeter protection, we have a solution to meet your needs. Discretely watch activity at ATMs with the Pro Micro camera that maintains both aesthetics and surveillance in small areas. Finally, reduce bandwidth usage with Illustra IntelliZip, a management feature that adjusts streaming parameters based on movement within the scene to give you high quality during the day and resource savings at night.


Integrations with important solutions like ATM management and alarms are part of what make Illustra cameras ideal for financial facilities. This end-to-end offering is easily deployed with a host of brands from video surveillance to access control, giving you a single point of communication for support and upgrades.


Our cameras are designed to be resilient against cyber threats as part of the Johnson Controls Cyber Solutions Product Security Program. Hardening practices like enhanced security mode, encrypted communications, and a security overview page protect against malware and ransomware. Internal logs are also maintained for compliance with audits and overall case management.

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