The Challenge

Suspected violence or, in worst case scenarios terrorism, can severely damage assets and infrastructure alike. Being able to address these concerns as well as the day-to-day tracking of people and cargo is essential to any installed surveillance system.

The Solution

Field of View and Zoom Capabilities

Supporting a large field of view with impressive zoom capabilities is a requirement for most ports. Illustra cameras are built to handle these needs with form factors like the Flex IR PTZ featuring up to 1,000 foot zoom via 30x optical zoom. Additionally, almost half of that area can be illuminated with powerful IR LEDs. If resolution is of greater concern, consider the Pro Gen3 8MP Mini-Dome with a 95° wide field of view. Finally, never lose sight of persons or objects of interest with surveillance tracking available on select Illustra models.

Onboard Analytics

Embedded Video Intelligence Analytics provide insightful data into traffic flow, object detection, and perimeter protection. Ensure restricted areas remain off limits, be alerted to suspicious packages abandoned, and implement signage to ease congestion in certain areas. Certain Illustra cameras also contain facial recognition to allow known employees to go about their business while triggering an alarm when a known suspect is on the premises.

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