Johnson Controls releases CEM Systems AC2000 v10.2 Security Management System with enhanced Time & Attendance

Johnson Controls has announced the release of CEM Systems AC2000 v10.2, which offers new features such as an enhanced Time & Attendance application, improved Pass Design, advanced room booking with access control and additional features that increase the performance and scope of the access control system suite.

CEM Systems AC2000 Time Hub is an enhanced Time & Attendance workstation client and web application. It helps AC2000 customer maximize their existing security infrastructure by going beyond access control, without the need for an additional Time & Attendance system. AC2000 Time Hub utilises the existing AC2000 system to provide reliable timekeeping, an improved user experience and helps to avoid costly payroll errors, under or overstaffing and inefficient time recording. Integrated into the AC2000 system, Time Hub is a reporting method for the office manager/administrator who requires statistics on the entering and exiting of staff.

The improved Pass Design application is another feature of AC2000 v10.2 that provides a more intuitive user interface, more control of badge designs and features which reduce the configuration time for passes.

The Advanced Room Booking feature in AC2000 v10.2 improves resource management, ensuring that only the meeting organizer and invitees can access a meeting room, booked via Outlook®, at the time required.

The AC2000 Security Hub command and control application has been enhanced with enterprise map support, a new dashboard to display system metrics and a new Rooms tab for improved operational resource management.

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