The Challenge

The safety and wellbeing of both employees and patients is paramount in medical campuses. Ensuring visitors are monitored in waiting rooms, medical supplies are in secured areas, and perimeters are maintained around chemical or radiologic storage are top of mind for security professionals in this industry. To effectively manage these areas and unique needs, you need a solution that can scale and adapt.

The Solution

Integrate with Leading Brands

Illustra cameras are built to integrate with leading hardware for building management, access control, video surveillance, alarms, and duress or emergency notifications. Specifically, our cameras are ideal for hospitals already utilizing, or currently considering, the Tyco Software House C•CURE access control solution or Tyco Exacq video management system. Updating during remodeling or simply to add the latest cameras to your system is a breeze with Illustra.

Onboard Analytics

Onboard Video Intelligence Analytics offload metadata processing from network video recorders to Illustra cameras, saving hardware resources. Rules such as enter/exit help keep important areas like pharmacies secured while dwell alerts operators to someone remaining somewhere longer than they should. Finally, crowd formation is a necessity for emergency room waiting areas where patients may be in need of immediate assistance.

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