The Challenge

Loss prevention and shrinkage negatively affect businesses on a regular basis. Mitigating internal and external risks without exceeding security budgets is essential to on-site retail security. Picture quality, bandwidth management, and retail analytics are only a few features that this industry thrives on.

The Solution

Scene Balancing Capabilities

Ensuring a high-quality image can be the difference between catching a shoplifter and letting them escape with valuable products. Our Illustra cameras utilize powerful wide dynamic range, true day/night, white balance, and more to allow for the optimal image quality. Even compression codecs are further enhanced with Illustra IntelliZip smart bandwidth management which adjusts streaming parameters based on activity level, such as when the store is open versus closed.

Onboard Analytics

From point of sale surveillance to perimeter protection around the stock room, Illustra Video Intelligence Analytics effectively combine with key integrations to optimize retail security. Do more than just trigger alerts based on suspicious behavior; analyze footfall patterns to amplify merchandizing opportunities, watch queue lengths to better plan for staffing, and determine if pop-up displays are working based on crowd formation.

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