The Challenge

From the tough economic climate to the increasing overheads required to meet the ever changing security standards and the pressure to significantly reduce carbon footprints, airports and airlines increasingly have to use technology to help them meet their business goals.

Common issues associated with airports include passenger and staff safety, managing access levels and cargo theft. All these challenges can be met with an integrated solution from Tyco Security Products.

The Solution

Passenger/Staff Safety

Passenger safety is paramount to the carriers as their reputation depends on it and the ever present potential threat to staff of aggressive passengers must also be managed effectively. With large open public areas to monitor and issues such as unattended bags to track, having cameras positioned effectively and recording high quality images is an essential deterrent. It gives peace of mind knowing that any incidents will be seen on cameras and then recorded onto the Digital Video Management System. Video clips can be quickly exported to DVD/USB for any ensuing police investigation.

Tyco Security Products can provide a range of solutions from standalone access control, CCTV, intruder and Fire systems to a customized single screen solution that will integrate not only those platforms but will link to other airport systems to produce a centralized control system that can address not only the needs of the security department but can provide crucial information to other areas of the business.

Historically the security systems within airports were typically standalone systems, but increasingly airports are integrating systems to provide a more business centric focus.

Restricted Access

In today’s climate of volatile threat levels it is vital to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas. Electronic security can help achieve this. Our access control products have specific features designed to meet the needs of an aviation environment from the advanced monitoring of doors to reduce false alarms to the ability to have a portable reader that can be used to validate staff at remote areas of the airport where cabling infrastructure does not exist. If the identified threat level increases, the operation of the system can be changed to reflect this, meaning individual access levels can be automatically amended and security levels heightened. Beyond the security environment the access control system can be used to help in areas from Health and Safety by allowing only trained operators to use certain equipment to “green” initiatives such as “car pooling” where staff share cars to get to work and the access control system can monitor this to provide reports which can be used to help meet the airports carbon footprint target.

The CCTV products have been developed not only to be used to address the normal security requirements of monitoring terminal buildings, baggage movement, car parks, and perimeter boundaries which are paramount, but also to meet more operational requirements. The Tyco solutions can monitor maintenance crews as they perform aircraft repairs and maintenance to help meet the operational guidelines issued by control authorities.

Total Integration with External Agencies

Not only is it vital for personnel to be monitored the same applies to vehicles. Our software seamlessly integrates with both APNR and Video Analytics applications which in turn integrates with external agencies software to quickly identify the illegal movement of vehicles.

Cargo Theft

Effective remote monitoring of ground logistics such as the handling of cargo, baggage offload, refuelling etc are all crucial to smooth operations. With an integrated video and access control system all these are monitored and alarms and events are captured 24/7 so high value cargo can be tracked, and incidents such as accidents, injury or theft can be reviewed on recorded video footage.

With experience in over 130 airports worldwide an integrated solution from Tyco can provide systems that will meet the current needs of the security department and be flexible enough to grow and adapt as the business changes.

Please view our “Special Applications” for the Aviation sector on our website.

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