Automation, Cloud, Cyber & Unification at the heart of Tyco’s product strategy

Interview with Eli Gorovici, Product General Manager for Access & Video, Tyco

If you want to know anything about the future product strategy for the Tyco video brands, there is probably no one better to ask than Eli Gorovici, Product General Manager, Access & Video, for the security products division of Johnson Controls.

In this interview, Eli, who has been a member of the Tyco senior management team for the last 4 years, provides an insight into how the company is looking to establish clear blue water between its premium level video surveillance solutions and the mass market products which have flooded the industry in recent years.

Q. Eli, how are the Tyco video brands, such as American Dynamics, Exacq and Illustra, able to successfully compete in what many regard as an overcrowded market?
A. Our approach has always been to look at how we can offer system integrators opportunities to generate new business and help their end-user clients achieve maximum return on their investment in a video surveillance system. We have done this by packing our cameras, recording devices and software platforms with innovative technology, much of which is proprietary.

This technology, which has mainly been developed at our UK Engineering Center of Excellence, has been introduced in response to changing market demands and with the intention of delivering greater value by providing real-world practical benefits over and above what might normally be expected from a high quality video surveillance system. This means offering the best available solutions in terms of helping combat criminal activity and which are also capable of helping a business increase productivity through, for example, the use of video analytics.

Q: What is Tyco’s approach to developing a product strategy?
A: We are fortunate in having access to a large network of knowledgeable system integrators who are highly successful within the regional and vertical markets in which they operate and who have a true understanding of what end-users are expecting from their video surveillance solutions. We highly value the input of these customers, which together with the in-depth research carried out by

our talented product management team, has assisted us in devising a product strategy which we believe will ensure our ongoing success.

Q: So, without giving away any secrets, can you give an indication as to what kind of new products we can expect to see from Tyco?
A: It might be best if I make use of this interview to provide a view of the bigger picture, rather than list the numerous new products which are in the pipeline. By bigger picture, I mean that our product strategy is focused on four major technology streams and these are Automation, Cloud, Cyber and Unification.

Tyco has been among the first to recognise the potential for machine learning solutions which incorporate advanced forms of video analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Whilst the intuition and experience of security personnel cannot easily be replaced, there is no doubt that the application of machine learning and robotics technologies provide a powerful tool to more effectively respond to any threats. Being able to detect abnormal activity patterns, predict behaviour and augment 3D data from multiple sources, as well as facilitate action macros in response to complex events whilst miminising false alarms; These are just a few examples of where Tyco intends to lead the market and deliver significant value to what end-users would normally expect to achieve from their video surveillance systems.

In simple terms, our decision to accelerate our development of Cloud-based solutions will mean our customers can benefit from a significant reduction in the capital, maintenance and operational costs associated with data storage by utilizing our Cloud archiving, Cloud monitoring and service offerings. Customers will have the option between hybrid or pure cloud solutions, with the freedom to migrate when they decide the time is right to do so. They can also take advantage of the greater mobility and interoperability offered by the Cloud.

Regardless of the size or complexity of a security system, the need for cybersecurity has never been greater.

At Tyco, we are never complacent about the potential for individual opportunistic hackers or organised criminal gangs to access confidential data or video. This is why we have a proactive approach to reducing the risk of cyber attacks against both our Cloud and on-site, edge-based solutions.

The Tyco Cyber Protection Product Security Program is one of the industry’s first to offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity for physical security products. Whilst no manufacturer can offer 100% guarantee, the Program is intended to give installers, systems integrators and end-users the confidence that we have minimised the possibility of vulnerabilities in our digital security products and solutions.

From the very beginning, all our new products and software are designed and developed with the benefit of advice from certified experts in order to combine best practice during the product design, development, testing and evaluation process, as well as configuration guidelines for compliance in order to combat attacks, damage, disruption, unauthorised access or misuse. When necessary, our experts are able to respond quickly and effectively to any emerging threats or incidents to ensure business continuity, and they endeavor to keep our systems integration partners updated during the process.

We have set the bar extremely high with our American Dynamics video management systems and Illustra IP Pro and Flex cameras. We are committed to employing the same cyber safety mindset across other product lines within our portfolio.

We are committed to offering complete Unified solutions which allow our customers to ‘see more, do more and save moreby the deep integration of our access control and video solutions with products and systems offered by our technology partners. Our Connected Partner Program is driving our efforts to create a network security ecosystem which is futureproof, whilst providing

users with the flexibility to choose the possible combination of products, systems and software to match their current requirements.

An excellent example of this is our victor Unified video management system which seamlessly synchronises video with data from access control, fire, intrusion and other systems. Futureproof and scalable, it has been designed to offer a high-performance solution which provides operators with superior situational awareness, as well as an easy way to investigate incidents and generate activity reports.

victor delivers the right video and other critical information such as event notifications, maps and health monitoring, to the right person at the right time and with the flexibility to display the video and other information on single or multiple screens, as well as video walls.

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