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Loss prevention, fraud detection and the creation of a safe working environment for sales colleagues are challenges which have to be met across the whole of the retail sector, from small independent shops, through to multiple chains, department stores and supermarkets.

With such a wide range to choose from, system designers are likely to find the perfect Illustra model for each camera or dome location. However, the aesthetically pleasing and compact Illustra Flex 4K Mini-Domes are perhaps ideal for retail environments because of their compact size. They also feature a set of Video Intelligence Analytics, including object detection, object abandoned/removed, crowd formation, dwell and perimeter protection.

For large stores, which may have an in-house security team, lightening-fast Illustra Flex IR PTZs equipped with P-Iris lens should certainly be considered, as they are able to effectively handle the varying lighting conditions which you will find in retail environments.

Video recording and storage: Consider an exacqVision A-Series NVR to which you will be able to connect up to 64 cameras and store up to 80TB of data. With the ‘Kantech on-board’ software application preloaded onto the NVR, you can extend the capabilities of your security system. A combined Kantech access control and exacqVision NVR solutions allows users to visually verify events and view logs of who has accessed sensitive areas such as cash, stock and staff rooms.

Multiple Sites Multiple Sites

Multiple Sites

Companies who are looking to deploy a large number of cameras at multiple locations may have a limited budget to do so and yet they may not be prepared to compromise on image quality or camera functionality.

We would encourage you to consider specifying Illustra Flex Mini-Domes or, depending on operational requirements Illustra Flex IR PTZs, which provide an affordable solution for virtually any video surveillance application where the cameras are required to cover wide areas in varying environmental and light conditions. A combination of 30x optical and 12x digital magnification means operators are able to use the PTZs to zoom in to see close up detail of any activity at a distance of up to 300 metres. The ability to capture high quality images is also significantly enhanced by adaptive IR illumination which adjusts the Field of View (FoV) of the IR lights to match the operator controlled zoom setting so as to evenly distribute the IR light across the scene.

Video recording and storage: Choose from one of the high performance exacqVision A-Series NVRs each of which have 64 camera channels and support H.264 and H.265 compression. Alternatively, consider specifying a VideoEdge NVR supported by highly cost-effective victor Express video management software.

Integrate your System

Tyco branded products can be integrated to provide high performance, robust and cost-effective solutions for a diverse range of applications and environments where video surveillance is being utilised. Click on the links below to see our video record options or contact us to receive expert advice on the ideal cameras, recording system and video management software for your next video surveillance project.

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