High Security High Security

High Security

For environments such as banks, prisons, railways, nuclear power stations or gas utilities, it is mission critical that video surveillance cameras are able to capture superb quality images which can be instantly displayed on a control monitor to provide operators with greater situation awareness and to be able to respond quickly to any incident or emergency. It is also essential that operators are provided with a robust, high availability recording solution which will allow them to review video evidence of any suspicious activity.

If you are designing a video surveillance solution for a high security application, we suggest that you take a close look at the latest generation of high definition Illustra Pro Mini-Domes. The Smart Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology built into the 2,3, 5 and 8 megapixel models, greatly improves the quality of images captured in varying lighting environments and the Mini-Domes also benefit from Illustra® IntelliZip bandwidth management, network failover redundancy and Video Intelligence Analytics. Bullet camera variants of the Illustra Pro series, with long distance IR capability and enhanced telephoto lens, offer a practical alternative option.

Video recording and storage: Choose one of the high capacity exacqVision Z-Series NVRs, each of which are able to record and store images captured by up to 64 analogue cameras, as well as up to 128 IP network Illustra Pro Mini-Domes. Depending on the size of the project, a VideoEdge NVR with up to 140TB of data storage onboard could be an effective alternative option. Both NVR’s offer RAID support and are equipped with dual power supplies.

Business Intelligence Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

End-users expectations have risen and they are now looking to achieve a far greater return from their investment in video surveillance systems. Retailers, in particular, want to take advantage of accurate onboard camera or server-based video analytics tools such as people counting and heatmapping, which can be integrated with point of sale systems in order for them to gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour and to be able to measure the effectiveness of their product placement and advertising activities. Museums and leisure facilities are also among end-users who are increasingly looking to utilise video analytics in order to collect data on the numbers of visitors and to analyse peaks and troughs in order to make best use of human resources and improve the customer experience.

Depending on where the cameras are located and on the field of view, Illustra Pro Gen 3 or Flex Gen 3 models will be able to capture data which can be analysed by applications running either onboard the cameras or on the recording system, and at the same time also provide an affordable option for capturing high definition images of any suspicious activity or anti-social behaviour.

Video recording and storage: To achieve both objectives you may wish to specify a VideoEdge NVR supported by victor Express video management software.

Integrate your System

Tyco branded products can be integrated to provide high performance, robust and cost-effective solutions for a diverse range of applications and environments where video surveillance is being utilised. Click on the links below to see our video record options or contact us to receive expert advice on the ideal cameras, recording system and video management software for your next video surveillance project.

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